Born in Singapore, I always have been interested in drawing since I was young.  When I went to Red Swastika Primary School, I joined the art club and was taught by a wonderful teacher. However due to my stubbornness at that point of time, I didn’t progress much during that time. I continued drawing during my first two years in secondary school however as my final year approaches, I start to forgot about draw as I focus on other things. My days in polytechnics was filled with fun and laughter. However it was also a very unproductive period of my life as I flow through it in mindless fun.

The turning point when I started my national service. Being in camp most of the time during the two years, I started drawing more often during my free time. I also found out a new passion in photography. I also had lots of time to think about what I want to do after my national service. It was then that I decided that I will continue with doing what I like which is drawing. Coming from a poor family, studying full time at an university would had place great financial burden on my parents as they were still paying for my sister’s education at that time. Therefore, I decided that to find a art/design related job while taking up a part time course so as to learn while I work. Using my remaining time in national service, learning from online tutorials, I was able to put together a temporary portfolio and managed to get employed by one of the companies.

Started working on the day after my national service end, it has been one year since I started this career as an illustrator. I would say that my time working in the company is the one that helped me learn and grow the most. Learning from colleagues, I managed to pick up Illustrator which I have begin to love using. I was also able to explore different styles as I go.

Below are a summary of my skill sets, education and other information.

Software                                       Education

Adobe Photoshop CS5                   Degree in Multimedia & Design ( Current)

Adobe Illustrator CS5                    Diploma in Info-communication

Adobe Lightroom 3                        Bedok Green Secondary School


Microsoft Office


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